Breath & Ice Experience

The same workshop format as our Breath & Ice Experience, except this is a closed executive group event.

Enter a workshop space to find your inner sanctuary through breathwork which transports you into another realm. Remove yourself from the everyday world and immerse into a deep trance through breathwork against a backdrop of hypnotic language, music and the scent of ancient ritualistic sage. 

We will explore the techniques and background of breathwork and this incredible thing of breathing itself, that we do all day everyday, and yet it is so misunderstood, as are we. Exploring your breath and how you breathe is an incredible opportunity to learn more about yourself, how you operate, your defaults and your true strengths. The experience finishes with the opportunity to immerse yourself into an ice baths under the guidance of our team.

This space is for those who are brave enough to get to know themselves lovingly. There exists in each of us a deeper connection with memories and timeless archetypical symbolism that when triggered opens into your spiritual nature and foundational self.

Those of you who feel drawn to dive into the deeper beauty within will experience the transformative dreaming world that exists in the part of you filled with possibility and creativity. The healing nature of this workshop space needs to be experienced as it is beyond words.

The Breath & Ice Experience includes:

  • Facilitated Breathwork & Ice Bath
  • Safe & sacred space within a supported community
  • Transformational meditiation
when: fridays By appointment - duration 3Hrs
COST: please contact Rhonda below

Team Mind & Breath Experience

Teams that breathe together cause a mastermind!

Successful team function is based on healthy team function and healthy team function is based on the health, resilience and clarity of each team member, as well as the capability of each team member in a harmonious way towards the intention and success of every individual and the goals, achievements, intentions, and targets of the business. Individual heart brain coherence leads to greater team coherence.

The breathwork opens up mindset and physical performance.

Benefits of breathwork include:

  • Reduced cortisol
  • Increased oxytocin
  • Increased DHEA youth hormone
  • Oxygenates your body and brain beyond the ordinary
  • Manages your nervous system into a calm state rather than fight flight and gives you control of your emotions
  • Releases stress and trauma safely
  • And it's fun as it stimulates DMT and that feels really awesome
when: By appointment - duration 3 hrs
COST: please contact Rhonda below
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