The Healthy Stress called Hormesis

Our resilience is extraordinary, and our capacity to deal with change and bring creativity to challenge is infinitely capable.

These skills are learnable and when practised change the game from negative stress into powerful strategy and fun. Change is our friend, in fact, it’s imperative for our success.

So here I am with a new website that is current with who I am choosing to become more of, in order to serve you even better.
I have found that I need to keep evolving myself to continue providing value, so take a look. You will find the breath and ice have taken place more deeply into my experiences because they work powerfully in the transformation field that I facilitate.

I am also incorporating the Ancient Wisdom retreat in Bali in October annually to bring breath, ice and mind within a setting of ancient tradition and relaxation. Bringing this back to my world is so powerful and I am pumped.

So, embrace change, transform and enjoy the stress because with skill it causes success.
Remember to breathe slowly through the nose for five minutes three times daily to create coherence and alkalinity for health and mental fitness.

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