Gaining Focus

Sharing my thoughts with you is sacred and important to me. Your time is precious so I need you to understand my high level of respect for your valuable time and the quality of the material that you would consider of value entering this time. The thought that I wish to share with you is this and I hope it is of value as it has been for me.

Your management of your breath, imagination, emotion, spoken words and implementation are the foundation of your results.

  1. Your breath technique regulates your nervous system, emotions and the quality of your thinking.
  2. Your imagination is the first place your implementation exists. That is, nothing exists without having been imagined first.
  3. Your emotions are the reflection of the quality of your thoughts/imaginings.
  4. Your spoken words are the first uttering of your thoughts and imaginings and they enter the world powerfully through the tone and vibration of your spoken words. They are part of the resonant field through sound that begins the form of your creation or destruction.
  5. The implementation and actions you take move the building blocks of your vision into position and arrangement.

So my dear friend practice thinking and imagining as it is a skill. Learn breathwork to modulate consciously the emotion you bring with you; speak with enormous care and poetry as once the words leave your mouth you cannot retrieve them and the stuttering of trying to retrieve unfortunate words can make an even worse mess and lacks credibility.

Finally make sure the ladder you are climbing is against the right building as you climb to your heights. Action is awesome and right action is spectacular.

This information is for all humanity to remind us of the true wealth of being human.

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