A SImple way of Dealing with Overwhelm

Overwhelm is of course where the brain is unable to cope with the amount of information we are trying to process. This has two simple reasons, one being our state of consciousness being in the sympathetic nervous system (fight flight) which makes it impossible to focus calmly because we are feeling threatened. And the second we probably do not have a system of thinking that maintains focus under pressure. So its a mindset issue.

I would like to address the state of consciousness here, because it is quick and simple to adjust through a breath technique. We need to hack the nervous system and switch into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and calm). This causes a more alkaline PH rather than acidic. This is good for our health with many other benefits including reducing cortisol and adrenaline.

Breath technique

Sit comfortably and breath in counting 5 seconds into your gut first.
Then slowly breath out to the count of 5 seconds and continue for five minutes.
This is all done through the nose preferably.

I recommend that you do this three times daily before meals to create heart coherence and all the health benefits that come with it. Make this a daily practice and then your youthfulness, oxytosin (feel good hormone) DHEA youthful hormone, and whole brain will ignite in your favour.

We think and process information most dynamically when we are calm and present. We also have more control over our state of emotion, so that’s got to be cool. Most environments in our culture are safe enough to remain in the calmer nervous system.

For the other area of overwhelm organising your mind to handle more than 5 bites of to-do’s at once requires a good system and dealing with one thing at a time. Its about mindset and is better dealt with in a formal session.

I hope this gift helps and the practice calms your day. You are here to achieve, play create and enjoy the journey so have fun today.

Enjoy being you

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