1:1 Performance Coaching

Unlock your potential with REx's coaching methods

High-performance coaching is about helping YOU achieve YOUR very best. It’s particularly useful for long-range career or life planning, for dealing with career change points, for making changes to performance or behavior, and for dealing with major life setbacks. Rex is a Change-Specialist:

  • Going deep on your career and exploring your true purpose
  • Who are you (really!) when you walk in a room?
  • Do you know there is more to you than where you are now?
  • Has life thrown you a curve ball and you’d like to find out what to do?
  • Have you got habits that aren’t serving you and want to shift them?

To achieve your potential needs you to have a second set of eyes and a skill base that operates beyond your current perspective, and who has travelled to a level of wisdom and experience beyond you. To get what you want, you need a hand reaching out to you, Rex is that hand to help you continue to be at your best.

when: By appointment - duration 1 Hr
Rex Urwin smiling, hugging client
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"Make your dreams bigger than your fears and your actions speak louder than your words."
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