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Breath & Ice Experience

Enter a workshop space to find your inner sanctuary through breathwork which transports you into another realm. Remove yourself from the everyday world and immerse into a deep trance through breathwork against a backdrop of hypnotic language, music and the scent of ancient ritualistic sage. 

We will explore the techniques and background of breathwork and this incredible thing of breathing itself, that we do all day everyday, and yet it is so misunderstood, as are we. Exploring your breath and how you breathe is an incredible opportunity to learn more about yourself, how you operate, your defaults and your true strengths. The experience finishes with the opportunity to immerse yourself into an ice bath under the guidance of our team.

This space is for those who are brave enough to get to know themselves lovingly. There exists in each of us a deeper connection with memories and timeless archetypical symbolism that when triggered opens into your spiritual nature and foundational self.

Those of you who feel drawn to dive into the deeper beauty within will experience the transformative dreaming world that exists in the part of you filled with possibility and creativity. The healing nature of this workshop space needs to be experienced as it is beyond words.

The Breath & Ice Experience includes:

  • Facilitated Breathwork & Ice Bath
  • Safe & sacred space within a supported community
  • Transformational meditiation
when: monthly on saturday 1pm–3.30 pm
LOCATION:Yuraba conference centre 240 church road eatons hill, Brisbane
COST: $79

[Y]Our other breathwork formats

We also offer tailored closed group experiences as well as our weekly Monday Mentor online sessions.

Monday Mentor

MIND | BREATH | RESET - 45mins.

Start your week with a mindset spirit of focus and confidence, breathe life into your goals and get your head right with Rex for a phenomenal week. It’s as easy as….

Team Breath & Mind Experience

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Our Team Breath & Mind Experience is a tailored experience for team building and development. Successful team function is based on healthy team function...

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What is breathwork?
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There is no life without breath. Breathing is essential for life as it provides your body with the oxygen it needs to flourish. When you are physically and emotionally burdened, it can start to affect how you breathe.Breathwork helps you calm your nerves and brings positivity and stability to your body. Simply put, breathwork is any type of breathing exercise and technique to help you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

How to do holotropic breathwork?
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Holotropic breathwork is a curative breathing practice that helps with emotional healing and personal growth (self-actualization). An altered state of consciousness is developed through this practice. The procedure involves breathing at a fast rate for minutes to hours. Music also plays a crucial part in this practice and is integrated into the session. It is advised that you do holotropic breathing under the counseling of a trained practitioner.

Breathwork is a form of active meditation which uses breathing exercises to alter your mindset and mood.It shifts your focus toward the inside and helps in regulating your state of mind. This can also help you achieve self-awareness and improve your inner well-being.

In order to earn a breathwork certification, one must find a recognized breathwork training program that works out best for them. A wide variety of options are available, and you can choose the one based on how its criteria and requirements intertwine with you.

After you’ve completed your breathwork teacher training courses, a breathing coach certification is awarded to you.

Breathing is the very first thing we do when we enter the world. Breathing is so natural that you forget you’re doing it, until you face an unwanted situation such as anxiety or stress which causes shortness of breath.

The main purpose of breathwork is to change the mindless act of breathing into a mindful one. Those interested in learning breathwork can search for individual or group sessions that are led by a trained facilitator and get themselves inducted.

How does breathwork boost performance?
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Breathwork helps to improve endurance and can help you gain strength and stamina. Breathwork also helps people reach self-awareness and therefore boosts confidence which leads to better performance.

Why do online breathwork sessions?
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With the help of new technology and the latest applications, it has become possible to interact with each other face-to-face online and have meaningful conversations without any hassle or extra costs. So, online sessions are an easy and flexible solution for people who are in need of guidance but are not able to visit in person due to various reasons.

Still have questions?

Please contact Rhonda, and she will organise the right answer for you.

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