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Rex guides people home to themselves by offering a variety of experiences combining mindset mentoring, breathwork and ice baths.

Rex Urwin standing on rocks in Balinese rain forest and gazing at trees.
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Are you ready to risk being true to yourself?

mindset mentoring
ice baths

[Y]our experiences

We offer different combinations of mindset mentoring, breathwork and ice baths to meet you wherever you are on your journey to your true self. Once you are able to be your authentic self, then your life choices become obvious, enjoyable and stress free.

Breath & Ice Experience


Our Breath & Ice Experiences are held at Strength Sanctuary in Brisbane. Rex takes the group through a guided breathwork session followed by an ice bath recovery.

Team Mind & Breath Experience

for teams by appointment

Our Team Mind & Breath Experience is a tailored experience for team building and development. Successful team function is based on healthy team function...

Monday Mentor

MIND | BREATH | reset - 45 mins
weekly online group

Start your week with a mindset spirit of focus and confidence, breathe life into your goals and get your head right with Rex for a phenomenal week. It’s as easy as….

1:1 Performance Coaching

1 HR
by appointment

Every great performer walks through their journey to the top with a mentor beside them. The objectivity to get out of your own way requires a skilled leader who challenges your limitations and honours your goal even when you give up in moments of distraction and self deception.

1:1 Half Day Focus Experience

Mind DEEP DIVE | breath | ICE - 4 HRS
By appointment

Our Coaching Immersion Experience is a tailored intensive coaching deep dive incorporating the right combination of experiences to assist you in achieving your potential and in continuing to be at your best. 

Bali Retreat

Ancient Wisdom | Future Success - 5 Days
22 – 27 october 2023

We invite you into this ancient place to refresh, rest, learn and purify in private ceremonies under ancient water fountains; enter temple rituals with village priests with the truly local people off the tourist track.
Spots are limited, register now to avoid missing out!


Join us in Bali

22-27 October 2023

Breathe the unique scent of Bali to reconnect with the truly calm nature deep within you. You will learn sustainable thinking that will change the way you design your life and how you value the way you enjoy and find happiness.

  • 5 day retreat with Rex Urwin & Catherine Connolly

  • Limited to 30 participants

  • Click below to book/register

External image of amazing event space as part of hotel in Ubud, Bali.
External image of amazing event space as part of hotel in Ubud, Bali.
Rex Urwin lino cut of portrait image with hat - decorative use next to quotes.
"You lose everything worth having in the moments when you hold back."

What our clients say

“I have been a client of Rex's for many years. I have found Rex's ability to look holistically at my challenges and opportunities for growth to be exceptional. As an owner of an executive recruitment company, I have met with literally hundreds of "executive/life coaches" over the years, almost all of whom I would never work with or refer clients to. Rex is one of the best and I can't recommend him more highly.”
Head shot of Richard Triggs

Richard Triggs

Founder & CEO, Arete Executive

“I will be forever grateful that I found Rex. He came highly recommended and I now understand why. I was frustrated and couldn't change patterns that were on repeat in my business, my overall health and my personal life in general. Rex has used amazing techniques to change my life for the better and I am excited about the journey we are on together. It's literally life-changing. I wish everyone would take the time and do the work to improve their overall awareness... Life is great! Let Rex help you go from strength to strength... You won't look back.”
Head shot of Leah Blackford.

Leah Blackford

Director & Founder, Furious Finance

"Really good to be back. And probably what I noticed by missing these Monday morning sessions, I probably haven't dealt with little issues that have popped up along the way. Just listening to what you're saying today, Rex. So probably become too relaxed and too, I suppose not on the ball. Yeah. And which is good. You've gotta have time to be relaxed and just, just do nothing. But when little things have popped up, I probably haven't been ready to deal with them. Okay. And I think this, what the Monday morning sessions do for me is it just is a little pep up every week to get me back into the mind frame. Just to be, to be ready to enjoy everything and sort of keep going. And I tend to handle the issues that pop up a lot better when I've had the bloody session. So I've really missed the last month or so of not not seeing everyone. And Energize, energize the bunny going."
Head shot of Peter Marsh.

Peter Marsh

Director, Marsh Tincknell

“Rex has been my mentor and mindset coach since 2016, at which time I was going through some significant business and personal issues. I was stressed and my life was a constant struggle and I felt like I was drowning everyday. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but just couldn't seem to get there despite years of "personal development" book, courses and coaches. Rex digs deep into why we are a certain way and HOW to move to the person we want to be. My business and personal life are a million mile from where they were back then. I wish everyone could experience the phenomenal and life changing coaching and mentoring that Rex and Catherine offer. If you are thinking of working with Rex, I suggest jumping on it in a heartbeat.”
Head shot of Jane Eyles-Bennett.

Jayne Eyles-Bennett

Founder & Director, Hot Space

"Honestly, it’s been my favourite way to start a day for a long time. Rex sets the scene with a new theme each Monday morning, ironically usually something that is reflective of what you may be thinking of or channeling and from there he initiates a breathwork practice, usually two types. The breathwork is amazing and something I can not speak highly enough, add that to the theme of the session and being in a room full of like minded individuals, it’s the perfect way to set up your day or week to put you in a state of gratitude and optimism. Cannot recommend Monday Mentor enough."
Head shot of Aaron Thompson.

Aaron Thompson 

Position, Company name

"Rex has a rare and unique offering, and I would highly recommend his work and team to anybody who is looking to evolve as an individual as well as become the best version of themselves.  Much love and blessings."
Head shot of Georgie Mariouklas.

Georgie Mariouklas

Beyond Payments

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